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Dear Mr. O'Brein:

I am writing to apply for the Software Engineering Co-p role over at Smartleaf. Currently I am going into my last coop here at Norteastern. With my previous two coops I have working in finance related positions. First I worked at a small startup company of about four people, and for my second I was at a much larger company of more than 30,000 people. Not only do I find what Smartleaf is working on to be fascinating, I also would love to get experience working in a medium sized company. I believe that my experience as a Computer Science student working in more finance oriented positions would make me a perfect candidate for this position.

Currently, I am a Computer Science student here at Northeastern University. I believe that my experiences with going through my classes and projects has helped me build skills to excel in industry. For example, I have taken classes where I have learned about object oriented programming and other software design patterns, and worked on projects with common industry languages such as Java and tools such as Intellij. However, I believe that one of the main advantages of going to Northeastern was being able to gain experience through different coops.

My first coop was working at Mavenomics, a small company in Cambridge. I created and implemented tools for data analysis and visualization into their main product using languages such as python and JavaScript, and frameworks such as d3.js and React. My tools were used by portfolio managers at hedge funds to aid in research into investment opportunities in multiple industries. Due to the small nature of the company, I gained exposure different aspects of the company such as accounting, management, and day to day operations. It gave me a deeper understanding of how businesses are run, and how they develop over time.

My next coop was working for Goldman Sachs in New York, a much larger company. During my time there, I learned more about applications of Computer Science in the field of finance. I worked with traders daily to build tools to analyze risk on different portfolios using a mixture of their proprietary technology and some open source frameworks, such as Elasticsearch. Not only did I improve my software skills during my time there, but I also learned how to clearly express my software ideas to individuals with no background in software. On top of that, I gained experience with working in a team oriented environment and learned how to navigate my way though a corporate environment to get tasks done.

I believe that I have the experience and skill set to excel in a position at SmartLeaf, and I feel like the medium sized company environment would be a great fit for me. My experience in working with financial technology will make it so I can hit the ground running, and immediately start contributing to a project I am assigned. I'm excited to hear back from you, and would appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk in person. Thank you for your consideration.
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