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  • scene: indicates a scene, a place where rhetorical interaction occurs in order to accomplish shared objective(s)
  • genre: indicates a genre; a way of responding to a situation that repeats itself within a scene
  • situation: indicates the rhetorical interactions happening within a scene, involving participants, subjects, settings and purposes [can include participants and settings tags]
  • participants: indicates participants, the entities that are involved and active in a scene [can appear inside the situation tag]
  • setting: indicates the location and surroundings in which a scene takes place [can appear inside the situation tag]
  • context: indicates information provided to better understand a claim, argument, or idea. Typically precedes an idea, claim or argument that warrant background info
  • aesthetics: indicates aesthetic elements of a composition, including pictures, font styles, colors, other material properties, etc.
  • sim: (similarities) indicates text that points to similarities between two or more texts [can optionally contain any other essay content elements]
  • diff: (differences) indicates text that points to differences between two or more texts [can optionally contain any other essay content elements]
  • argument: (interpretive claim/argument) indicates a claim/argument made based on evidence presented or to be presented in an essay [requires @type attribute, values of 'main,' 'supporting,' or 'opposing']
  • evidence: (evidence) indicates evidence in support of a claim or argument
  • pattern: (generic pattern) indicates an identifiable trait, characteristic, and/or example of a pattern within a genre [requires @type attribute of user-defined value]

BPS Protest


A lot of people use many genres when it comes to communicate their dissagremet with those who make the decisions for the public. Many of there genres can include advocacy, letters, newspaper articles, etc. One particular genre that comes to be very broad is [genre: protest] . [argument (type = main): Throughout our history we have seen people uptake the genre of protest and the most interesting part is that there is never the same outcome since not every event plays out the same exact way every time around.This makes this genre very complex when looked from a greater point of view.] [scene: One particular event that can be looked at when it comes to this genre is the series protest that occured throughout the district of the Boston Public Schools] . These protest were held by students and parents throughout the city who refused to accept the reforms that the city was trying to bring up to the system. Each and every protest leading to a different outcome


The new plan to cut the budget from the Boston Public Schools system sparked different concern in students, parents and teachers;since this meant that student's education could be affected as well as job among other projects. The matter was taken into students' hands who quickly came up with ways to communicate their concerns with this new system that was bound to affect the lives of those whose education depends on the public system. What exactly makes students take up this genre of protest to convey the message they are trying to deliver? . As we have seen before, throughout the history of this country people have found that protest can lead to people understanding that the voices of the underdog are indeed important. What exactly makes protest this element that people decide to uptake and create different outcomes depending on the type of situation they see themselves and those around them. People have simply seen that protest can lead to answered questions and action.

[evidence: “We are the future of this country,” one student speaker said. “How dare they take away our education when they want us to be well-rounded students.”] was stated by a student in an article that was published proceeding the protest. Students, like this one, found themselves concerned about not only their education, but the country as a whole, which is why people decided that protest would be the one way to address the issues. Protest are the one thing that are not foreseen by the media and those in power, which makes this genre useful. But what exactly makes protest a complex genre when it comes to this specific issue is different situations that play out relatively different every time around. How can people use this genre if there is no way of predicting what exactly will happen when people use protest to express their concern to the public.

This genre, just like other genres, becomes more complex in the aspect of analyzing, simply because the genres shift into new genres in a given situation. Example being, a protest could shift to a whole new genre which is violence. Now, this is what it is meant when we talk about genres being complex.

Going back to the particular protest that occurred in Boston due to the budget cut in the education system, different genres arose; public hearings among others . The most important part about this issue is how this genre of protest becomes so important in this particular situation and in other situations in general. People, in this case students, needed to find a particular action that could lead to the change of the situation that was in play. This is why, not only this genre but many others become very important. Since they help people when it comes to a given situation.


In a lot of cases, people use different types of genre to approach their given situation. Since students in the Boston Public School system saw that there was a new decision being brought forward that they had to change, they understood that this genre made the most sense. And even though they could not exactly predict what outcomes this genre would bring up, it still confirmed the fact that using genres do not bring out the same outcome since situations are not played the same way when people look at it. It also depends on the perspective that it is being looked at from and how people decide to uptake this genre. In this particular event, people analyzed previous situations when this genre was put in play, and they went for it. With the understanding that new genres could possibly also come up.

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