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I am interested in the Analyst position within the Ameresco Project Management team. During my time at BlueWave Capital, I recieved some exposure to Ameresco submittals and was immediately impressed by the quality of work. After evaluating Ameresco's development history and continual production of quality projects, I became interested in persuing a role on their project management team. I have enjoyed my work with Solar Project Development in the past and I think I will fit well with Ameresco's challenging culture and contribute to your goal of expanding sustainable energy generation.

Throughout my three co-ops at Northeastern University, I was able to hone my AutoCAD and Excel skills in a manner that increased the efficiency of my work as well as that of my peers'. Excel proved to be increasingly useful as I recognized areas of inneficiency within my previous companies' workflow and was able to develop macros to automate previously manual processes. At Northeastern, I gained technical communication skills from my work within the Sustainable Energy Systems minor. Through various projects within the graduate classes associated with this program I was able to utilize the knowledge gained in my earlier classes as well as on my co-ops to work towards unique solutions to proposed issues. Advanced classes within this minor evaluated the leglislative, economic, and environmental issues assocated with solar energy. My capstone project at Northeastern will allow me to improve my ability to communicate effectively with various specialists working towards a common goal. Our project goal, to design a potable water distribution system as well as an energy generation facility in Haiti, will give me the opportunity to communicate with environmental and electric specialists as I fill the role of solar development specialist.

I believe my skills and passion for renewable energy will help me to fit in well with the Ameresco team and have a positive impact on the Project Management Team.

Please reach out to me at the contacts listed above to discuss the possibility of an interview. I look forward to hearing from you.
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