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Tennis Court Building Initiative

  • 8/9/2016
  • Attention to: Boston City Council

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Purpose
  • Approach
  • Feasibility
  • Conclusion
  • References


In Boston, there are a variety of public areas where one can choose to participate in sports. But for some sports, it is more difficult to find a place to play, tennis being one of them. Because of the lack of courts in the city and crowdedness of the existing courts, many people are unable to have the opportunity to play. This leaves many limited options on when and where they can play. The premise of this proposal to expand the number of tennis courts in the city, so that more individuals can have the opportunity to participate in the sport.


In today's Boston, there are a few places where someone can go out and play a game of tennis. But from the already limited amounts of courts in the city and the courts that are owned by private facilities, there are not many options for the public to choose from. For the courts that are available to the public, they usually fill quickly and may be out of the way for some. These factors make it difficult for people to go out with a friend and play a game of tennis. With these kinds of existing issues, it seems unfair that the average person can't just go out and have a good time at the tennis courts without worrying about where or when to go. In the United States, tennis is a sport with smaller community that belongs to the very talented or those who are reasonably wealthy enough to afford the necessary equipment, lessons, and facilities that are usually required to play the sport. But for those individuals who do not have the luxury of falling into those categories, it leaves them from experiencing the sport.


What we hope to achieve at the end of this project is to give the community more opportunities to play tennis. Looking ahead at the scheduling for this project, the expected time table would probably be over the course of a few months to half a year. If everything goes accordingly, the tennis courts should be ready by spring of next year. In terms of an overall objective, we are insisting on is building four to six tennis court sites throughout the Back Bay areawhy this area?. These courts would all be nicely furnished and reflect a high standard in condition. The benefits a project like this bring are: the reduction of crowded courts throughout the city, uptick in the amount of individuals playing tennis, convenience of location for many and increase in the opportunities to lead a healthier lifestyle.


The first step in the project would be getting the proposal approved by the city council. Once the project is green lit, we will come up with a budget of roughly $15 million to accommodate the tasks and resources that will be necessary to the completion of these tennis courts. Once receiving approval on the budget, the next phase would be to buy up areas around the city and get the proper legal paperwork that will enable us to work without any issues. From there, a construction company will be hired and begin work once all of the necessary documentation has been set in order. After construction is wrapped up, necessary precautions will be made to see that all safety regulations are met and that all of the courts meet regulation sizes.


One of the main obstacles to this project will be finding the right areas to build these courts. The first thing to make sure of would be building these courts away from other existing courts in the city. The other parameters for location would be finding a place in the city where it would be easily accessible for anyone. This means minimal traffic around the area and multiple entrances and exits. The main obstacle that will come with building these courts will be obtaining the necessary zoning and construction permits. But if we can find the right area to build and meet all of the requirements given by the city, this project will be possible.


Building these courts will give people throughout the city more chances to play tennis and introduce others to the sport. It will provide many with a more convenient locations and give people who may have lacked the opportunity before to play. This project will also give people another way to stay active and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Lastly it will lead to a resurgence in the popularity of tennis as a sport in Boston. Overall this opportunity will lead to renaissance for tennis within the community and give opportunities for many to play whenever.


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