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Hello hiring committee,

I am applying for the lead engineering position in your development department at GE Aviation.After attending a seminar hosted by one of your employees, I found out that there were some open positions at the company which made me apply immediately. I have been looking for a position at GE Aviation for a while now, so when I saw that this position was open, I knew that I had to apply. Considering my background and qualifications, I think that I would be a perfect fit for the position.If I am accepted, I feel that I will translate well into the culture of the company and excel at every opportunity the position throws at me.

In my previous work experience, I've worked at GE Aviation in a business and manufacturing capacity. From that experience I've worked with Solidworks and Digital Workbench to design and review parts of the engine. I've also worked with customers in a business manners, fulfilling their needs and making sure necessary arrangements are made to satisfy their experience. Some of my achievements over the years include reducing inventory by over a quarter million dollars, creating engine shipments to multiple nations, identifying and incorporating process drawings to thousands of parts and designing apparatuses for fully automated production cells. Through these experiences I have been able to acquire a lot of knowledge and skills that have enabled me to succeed at my previous positions and hopefully in future ones. From working with other individuals at the company I have developed interpersonal and communication skills that I've used to be successful lead and guide others in team projects.

Outside of work I have many other skills that I practice or have learned in my spare time. One such skill that I've acquired over the years has been coding in languages such as C++, Matlab, and Python , where I've developed many programs and in turn strengthen my ability to comprehend and write within those languages. I also come from a diverse background which enables me to speak languages like Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, and Montenegrin. Between my work and school experience, I've also done some research work on weld samples, measuring the deformations in the samples in relationship to their material type. And in my spare time I like to read up on new breakthroughs in the aerospace field and learn about the new engines and air crafts that are being released.

For my education background, I have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University. There I have developed a strong understanding in the sciences and math, and have learned all of the necessary information that the field of Mechanical Engineering would require. Some of the classes that I've taken that are relevant to the position include: Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Static and Dynamics, Material Science and Vibrations. From my classes in school I am capable of understanding the mechanics and principles with components like turbines, compressors and combustors. I've also developed an understanding behind the physics and characteristics that exist on an operating aircraft.

From what I have written, I hope that you can see that I would be right for the position. I get on the same page with others quickly and communicate well with my co-workers. I am very respectful of other individual's views and can conform to the environment that I am placed in swiftly.

I hope we can talk about the position in the future, and to reach me you can contact me by phone, 857-285-8415, or email, I appreciate the time you took to go through my application and thank you for your consideration.
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