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      <title>Visual Albums</title>
            <!--deidentified element--></author>
      <date>October 7, 2016</date>
        <p><situation>Visual Albums such as Kanye West’s Runway and the Beatles’ A Hard Day
                        Night have put the music industry on it’s head.</situation> Since A Hard Day
                    Night, the genre of Visual Albums developed and chqanged through the years.<argument type="main">As a genre, Visual
                        Albums bring the writer closer to the reader in a way that exceeds other
                        genres such as: music videos and songs. This genre utilizes it’s uptakes, scenes, and situations to bring
                        the two together.</argument></p>
      <bodyPara><context>The values that this genre focuses on is to be the best in your
                    field, as most artists release a song by itself, others go the extra mile by
                    making a music video, and only a select few go even further and release a visual
                    album.</context> The scene and situation help us understand the story more
                through the genre that is being used. <scene>Using Beyoncé’s Lemonade as a well
                    established scene from this genre, you can see the impact of her choosing
                    visual albums as her platform.</scene><participants>This genre helped Beyoncé reach out to her fans in a much more direct
                    way by being very personal and in touch with the current times,</participants><situation>which created a long discussion about some of the situations that were
                    exposed in Lemonade, such as the very famous lyrics from the song Sorry “He only
                    want me when I'm not there. He better call Becky with the good hair”.
      <bodyPara><participants>Singers, artists, poets, and public speakers are not the only
                    people who use this genre. There are also the directors and musical engineers
                    who in charge of development and upgrading the elements within the
                    genre.</participants> Going back to the previously mentioned situation, Lemonade
                featured the Somali-English poet Warsaw Shire in one of it’s chapters.
                    <context>Warsaw Shire uses the genre of Visual Albums to input her own personal
                    situation which many people including Beyoncé related to, this demonstrates how
                    she uses her own uptake of combining her poetry with the sub-genre of
                        video.</context> People who do not have the talent or ideas to make a
                visual albums can not use this genre, however they make up a vast majority of
                readers of this genre.</bodyPara>
      <bodyPara>Visual Albums invite many different uptakes that help the artist connect to as
                many people as possible. Uptakes in visual albums work as a medium for the writers
                to express their feelings in a wide range of oppertunities. These uptakes include
                the use of song and video, the use of old tribal dances in a contemporary music
                video, and the combination of poetry and speech with visuals.<situation>The use of song and video together encompasses the genres of visual
                    albums and music videos, as both are very similar concepts. Using this
                        uptake offers a more in-depth story that the artist is trying to
                    convey to the audience.</situation><scene>Going back to Lemonade, Beyoncé uses visuals eluding to feelings of sadness
                    and betrayal in the song Pray You Catch Me to convey her situation of being
                    cheated on.</scene><situation>The use of old tribal dances and contemporary music as an uptake gives
                    the artist a way to demonstrate their background and culture to a
                    much bigger platform of readers.</situation><scene><citation source="#Ori">Beyoncé mixes the two together in the song Sorry by
                        performing an old tribal dance called The Sacred Art of Ori, which showed
                        her own culture and background</citation>.</scene><situation>Last but not least, the use of spoken word and visuals gives a deeper
                    understanding of what the speaker is trying to convey, or the artists’
                    interpretation of the different speakers they use.</situation><scene><citation source="#Malclom">Beyoncé uses an excerpt from a speech given by
                        Malcolm X in May 22, 1962 with visuals of various black women to emphasize
                        the importance of the speech to the black community and especially to black
                        women. </citation></scene></bodyPara>
      <bodyPara><argument type="supporting">The roles of the writer and reader are very
                    important in the success of this genre. The writer’s main role is to create
                    something that will have a long lasting impact on the readers, the longer the
                    impact the more successful the artist becomes.</argument><scene>Other roles that the writer has to keep in mind is making an album that talks
                    about the current social issues that are plaguing the writers’ life. Beyoncé succeeded in
                    fulfilling the roles twice, once in 2013 with the album BEYONCÉ and the next in
                    2016 with Lemonade.</scene> Our roles as readers however is to appreciate the
                time and effort taken by the writer to complete their project and to express our
                views of what was read, weather it was negative or positive.</bodyPara>
          <argument type="supporting">Visual Albums as a genre brings the writer closer to the reader in a way
                        that exceeds other genres such as: music videos and songs. This genre
                        utilizes it’s uptakes, scenes, and
                        situations to bring the two together. The values that this genre articulates
                        encourage the writers to connect to their readers. The writers’ exclusivity
                        and roles also put an emphasis on trying to relate to the majority and
                        connect with them as well.</argument>
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