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      <?xml-model href="../schema_1111.rng" type="application/xml" schematypens=""?><?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="../testing_format.xsl"?><DOC>
            <!--deidentified element--></title>
    <header>Contact Information</header>
      <contact type="address">address<!--deidentified element--></contact>
      <contact type="phone">phone<!--deidentified element--></contact>
      <contact type="address">address<!--deidentified element--></contact>
    <objectives>Seeking Co-Op (from July to December) in the Business industry which is in line
            with my passion and my educational course in Northeastern University. Currently a
            Mechanical Engineer, but I intend to switch to Business Management. Taking accounting,
            International Business and Economics courses. Eager to learn and explore opportunities
            within sales, management and marketing verticals in your organization. </objectives>
          <job_title>Market Analyst Intern <job_date>June 2014</job_date></job_title>
          <job_summary>Customer prospecting, collaborated with Sales team to reach out and
                        formulate a database of prospective customers.Tasked to gain insights into
                        market trends and provide feedback to Sales team. Reported directly to the Regional Sales Director of
                        Bharti Singapore at age 16. </job_summary>
      <education>Northeastern University Boston Class of 2019 - Mechanical Engineering
                (Currently a Sophomore)</education>
      <education> Canadian International School Singapore Class of 2015 - International
      <header>Additional Information</header>
      <additional_information> Experience in MS Suite, XML and 3D modeling Software (AutoCAD
                and Solidworks).</additional_information>
      <additional_information>Fluent in English, French and Hindi </additional_information>
      <additional_information>Prior leadership roles in journalism, sports teams and outreach
      <additional_information> Basic understanding of Accounting, Economic and Business
                principles </additional_information>
      <additional_information>Expertise in presentations and proficient written and verbal
                communication skills</additional_information>
      <additional_information>Prior teaching experience, Teaching Assistant at Canadian
                International School Singapore (Math and Art)</additional_information>
      <additional_information>Volunteered at St Joseph’s Nursing Home Singapore, worked in
                philanthropy activities and charity drives</additional_information>
      <additional_information>Student athlete, several awards in Basketball, Soccer and Track
                and Field</additional_information>
      <additional_information>Aspiring filmmaker, currently working on 2 projects scheduled to
                be completed by March 2017</additional_information>


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