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      <?xml-model href="../schema_3302.rng" type="application/xml" schematypens=""?><!--the second line in the document associates the schema, so be sure not to change it-->
    <!--required header includes metadata about the assignment (title, author, version)-->
    <title>Title of Assignment</title>
            <!--deidentified element--></author>
    <version n="num_of_version" date="2016-01-01"/>
  <!-- root element for P3 here -->
            Name de-identified<!--deidentified element--></name>
        <!-- One or More Contact -->
        <contact type="address">address<!--deidentified element--></contact>
        <contact type="address">address<!--deidentified element--></contact>
        <contact type="phone">phone<!--deidentified element--></contact>
        <contact type="email">email<!--deidentified element--></contact>
    <greeting>Dear Mr. O'Brein: </greeting>
      <intent type="purpose">I am writing to apply for the Software Engineering Co-p role over at
                <!-- Repeated word -->Smartleaf. </intent>
      <reason>Currently I am going into my last coop here at Norteastern. With my previous two
                    coops I have working in
                finance related positions. First I worked at a small startup company of about four
                people, and for my second I was at a much larger company of more than 30,000
                    people. Not only
                do I find what Smartleaf is working on to be fascinating, I also would love to get
                experience working in a medium sized company.
                <!-- Long sentence - break up for conciseness + clarity --></reason>
      <proposition> I believe that my experience as a Computer Science student working in more
                finance oriented
                positions would make me a perfect candidate for this position.</proposition>
      <experience type="school"> Currently, I am a Computer Science student here at
                Northeastern University. I believe that my experiences with going through my classes
                and projects has helped me build skills to excel in industry. For example, I
                have taken classes where I have learned about object oriented programming and other
                software design patterns, and worked on projects with common industry languages such
                as Java and tools such as Intellij. However, I believe that one of the main
                advantages of going to Northeastern was being able to gain experience through
                different coops. </experience>
      <experience type="work">My first coop was working at Mavenomics, a small company in
                Cambridge. I created and implemented tools for data analysis and visualization into
                their main product using languages such as <programs>python and
                    JavaScript</programs>, and frameworks such as <programs>d3.js and
                    React.</programs> My tools were used by portfolio managers at hedge funds to aid
                in research into investment opportunities in multiple industries. Due to the small
                nature of the company, I gained exposure different aspects of the company such as
                accounting, management, and day to day operations. It gave me a deeper
                understanding of how businesses are run, and how they develop over
      <experience type="work"> My next coop was working for Goldman Sachs in New York, a much
                larger company. During my time there, I learned more about applications of Computer
                Science in the field of finance. I worked with traders daily to build tools to
                analyze risk on different portfolios using a mixture of their proprietary technology
                and some open source frameworks, such as Elasticsearch. Not only did I improve my
                software skills during my time there, but I also learned how to clearly express my
                software ideas to individuals with no background in software. On top of that, I
                gained experience with working in a team oriented environment and learned how to
                navigate my way though a corporate environment to get tasks done.</experience>
      <!-- Include element "closing statements -->
      <compatability>I believe that I have the experience and skill set to excel in a position
                at SmartLeaf, and I feel like the medium sized company environment would be a great
                fit for me. My experience in working with financial technology will make it so I can
                hit the ground running, and immediately start contributing to a project I am
      <next_step> I'm excited to hear back from you, and would appreciate the opportunity to
                meet and talk in person. </next_step>
      <acknowledgment>Thank you for your consideration.
                <!-- Run spell check on final draft --></acknowledgment>
            Name de-identified<!--deidentified element--></name>


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