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      <article_title>Cyrus Mistry Fired, Because He Failed To Launch New Model Of Indica </article_title>
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      <category>World News</category>
      <date>November 20, 2016</date>
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      <image url="">Cyrus
                Mistry pondering as to why he didn't come up with a new Tata Indica</image>
      <p> Tata Indica is a supermini car produced by Tata Motors (who are a part of Tata
                Group, which is a multinational conglomerate holding company, headquartered in
                India). The Indica is India’s first indigenously developed passenger car in 1998 and
                was unveiled by Ratan Tata (ex, now interim, chairman of Tata Group). </p>
      <p>During his time as CEO, during his time as the Chairman had launched models after models
                of the Indica. In fact Tata always reinvented the Indica rather than producing new
                passenger cars. Indica, Indica V1, Indica V2, Indica Vista, Indica V3, Vista V3 etc
                are few of the models which come to mind. However, things changed when Cyrus Mistry
                was elected as the new CEO of Tata Group. He did not bother upgrading the Indica
                line-up which has been the status symbol for the Tatas since years. Instead, he
                turned a blind-eye towards the company’s rich heritage of remaking the Indica and
                that is why the board decided to bring back the experienced ex-chairman Ratan Tata
                on board.</p>
      <p>Rumours are surfacing that Ratan Tata’s first big project is to design a new and
                exciting model of the Indica, which will help regain market value for Tata Motors
                and get their customer’s excited once again.</p>
      <p>For now, it is ‘Tata’ for Cyrus Mistry! </p>
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