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      <?xml-model href="../schema_3302.rng" type="application/xml" schematypens=""?><!--the second line in the document associates the schema, so be sure not to change it-->
    <!--required header includes metadata about the assignment (title, author, version)-->
    <title>Writing Project Three </title>
            <!--deidentified element--></author>
    <version n="3" date="2016-08-20"/>
  <!-- root element for P3 here -->
            Name de-identified<!--deidentified element--></name>
        <!-- One or More Contact -->
        <contact type="address">address<!--deidentified element--></contact>
        <contact type="phone">phone<!--deidentified element--></contact>
        <contact type="email">email<!--deidentified element--></contact>
    <intro_para><intent type="purpose">I am interested in the Analyst position within the Ameresco
                Project Management team.</intent><intent type="connection"><!-- Optional --> During my time at BlueWave Capital, I
                recieved some exposure to Ameresco submittals and was immediately impressed by the
                quality of work. </intent> After evaluating Ameresco's development history and continual production of
            quality projects, I became interested in persuing a role on their project management team. <reason><!-- Optional --> I have enjoyed my work with Solar Project Development in the
                past</reason> and <proposition>I think I will fit well with Ameresco's challenging
                culture and contribute to your goal of expanding sustainable energy generation.</proposition></intro_para>
      <!-- One or More -->
      <experience type="work">Throughout my three co-ops at Northeastern University, I was
                able to hone my <programs>AutoCAD and Excel</programs> skills in a manner that
                increased the efficiency of my work as well as that of my peers'.
                    <programs>Excel</programs> proved to be increasingly useful <accomplishments>as
                    I recognized areas of inneficiency within my previous companies'
                    workflow</accomplishments> and <accomplishments>was able to develop macros to
                    automate previously manual processes.</accomplishments></experience>
      <experience type="school"> At Northeastern, I gained <skills>technical
                    communication</skills> skills from my work within the Sustainable Energy Systems
                minor. Through various projects within the graduate classes associated with this
                program I was able to utilize the knowledge gained in my earlier classes as well as
                on my co-ops to work towards unique solutions to proposed issues. Advanced classes
                within this minor evaluated the leglislative, economic, and environmental issues
                assocated with solar energy.</experience>
      <experience type="school"> My capstone project at Northeastern will
                allow me to improve my <skills>ability to communicate effectively with various
                    specialists</skills> working towards a common goal. Our project goal, to design
                a potable water distribution system as well as an energy generation facility in
                Haiti, will give me the opportunity to communicate with environmental and electric
                specialists as I fill the role of solar development specialist. </experience>
      <compatability>I believe my skills and passion for renewable energy will help me to fit
                in well with the Ameresco team and have a positive impact on the
                Project Management Team.</compatability>
      <next_step>Please reach out to me at the contacts listed above to discuss the
                possibility of an interview. I look forward to hearing from you. </next_step>
            Name de-identified<!--deidentified element--></name>


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