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      <title>Opinion: Trump’s Triumph and Climate Change</title>
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      <p type="intro"><situation>Climate change has been a pressing issue coming into the
                    2000s, with countless local and global efforts taken to reduce the catastrophic
                    effects of this problem.</situation> The Obama Administration has taken several
                steps in the right direction to reduce our dependency on non-renewable resources
                which would definitely benefit our planet in the long run. <opinion type="main">However, Donald Trump’s surprise win means that climate change budget may be
                    reduced dramatically.</opinion> How will America’s stance on climate change
                shift over the coming years?</p>
      <p type="body"><opinion type="opposing">Let’s start by discussing the praised efforts of the Obama
                    Administration with regards to combating the devastating potential effects of
                    climate change.</opinion> Obama’s two main energy acts, the Clean Energy and the
                Recovery Act, both include creating new "clean energy" jobs and technologies, making
                America more energy independent, and reducing carbon emissions ( In
                2009, over $80 billion in clean energy investments were provided by the Clean Energy
                and Recovery Act. These investments were mainly in renewable energy, funding local
                energy projects and training people for green jobs. Additionally, carbon tax on
                industry was increased, resulting in fewer pollutants in the air. Although the
                benefits of the act aren’t always noticeable, the fact that non-renewable resources
                are conserved is a definite plus for the environment. </p>
      <p type="body"><opinion type="general">However, the political environment may soon take
                    a massive U-turn, eliminating the steps that are currently being taken to make
                    America more environmentally friendly.</opinion><situation> Our President-elect Donald Trump believes that climate change is a
                    “hoax” and plans to withdraw from the Paris (Climate Change) Agreement, a plan
                    ratified by 112 countries aimed at keeping the global average temperature from
                    increasing by 2 degrees Celsius (The Verge). </situation> Trump tweeted
                    <quote>“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in
                    order to make U.S. manufacturing less competitive” (Twitter) </quote>. Trump
                claims that this was a joke, however, he believes that the effects of climate change
                are not adverse (CNN). Many say this is because he wants to keep the hundreds of
                thousands of US jobs which are centered around manufacturing and are dependent on
                large amounts of fossil fuels. <opinion type="general">If energy policy tightens,
                    those currently employed will be at risk of losing their jobs.</opinion></p>
      <p type="conclusion">Barack Obama is doing all he can in his last few months as
                president to make sure America is in the best place in terms of minimizing the
                adverse effects of climate change. America currently emits 15% of global CO2
                emissions, and having Trump as commander-in-chief will, if anything, increase that
                number. So what impact will this disregard to climate change by the Trump
                Administration have for America? Only time will tell. Our best bet to make America
                great again is to bank on Trump’s recent changing views. </p>


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